"Arden Pond"

There is an area of the American River in East Sacramento that overflows creating river ponds around homes and park areas.
Watercolor, 35X46 inches, 1997.
For sale $3,500.

"Rose Bud"

A river home not far from Sacramento. I was struck by the profusion of trees that surrounded the house and their reflections in the river below the levee.
Watercolor, 24X30 inches, 1996.

"Levee Trees"

The silhouetted repetition of different kinds of trees along the levee made an interesting composition that was a marked contrast to the general mass of trees such as in "Rose Bud". Painting.
Watercolor, 24X30 inches, 1997.
For sale $1,800.

"River Home"

Sacramento River (Steamboat Slough) 1997. A "sense of place" seems strong in this composition of trees, levee, house, and river. Watercolor 24X30 inches, 1997.

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